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    Social Security Disability benefits can provide short or long term help to people with debilitating injuries
    or medical conditions, but the bureaucracy makes it difficult or impossible to navigate alone. You are
    here because you can’t work or you are afraid that you will not be able to work and you have questions
    or need help. Let my 30 years of trial experience involving persons with disabilities help you navigate
    the bureaucratic maze that is Social Security Disability.

    An Attorney Working for You
  • Mission Statement

    My mission is to provide the highest quality representation to disabled persons and their families. My staff and I are dedicated to zealously pursuing the rights of the disabled and their families to obtain the social security disability benefits to which they are entitled. You have worked hard your entire life and paid for the protection provided by social security disability. My job is to see that you obtain the benefits for which your hard earned dollars paid.

    Mission Statement
  • FREE Consultation

    No fees or costs are ever due up front to retain me. I understand the financial strains of people and their families when disabilities strike. I work for my clients on a contingency basis only. My clients are never charged a fee or pay costs unless I am successful in obtaining benefits. It’s simple, if you do not obtain benefits, you owe me nothing.

    FREE Consultation
  • How am I Different?

    I have over 30 years of trial experience representing persons with disabilities. If I represent you, you
    will not be shuffled to and associate or an advocate. You will work directly with me through the social
    security disability process. Most claims require a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and
    involve experts hired by Social Security. The cross examination of these experts is critical to the success
    of your case. Having an experienced trial lawyer on your side during this process just makes sense.

    How am I Different?

Do You Need A Social Security Disability Attorney in Colorado?

You have worked hard your entire life.  You have paid into Social Security for both retirement and disability benefits. If you have not reached your retirement age and an injury or medical condition is keeping you from working, you may be eligible for Disability Benefits from Social Security. This is protection for you and your family that you have paid for just as if you purchased a disability policy from an insurance company. There are requirements and there is a bureaucracy to wade through. Let me use my experience to make sure you obtain the valuable protection for which your hard earned dollars have paid.

My practice is limited to the representation of people in Colorado who are pursing Social Security Disability benefits.  Obtaining Social Security disability benefits is not easy.  In 2010, the Social Security Administration denied 67% of the 2.7 million applicants for benefits.  The process is backlogged causing delays in hearings and appeals often in excess of a year.  Statistics demonstrate that you increase your chances of obtaining benefits by having an experienced lawyer working on your behalf.  In fact an experienced lawyer may even be able to shorten the time for you to be awarded benefits.  I have been fighting for the rights of the disabled for more than 30 years.  If you are contemplating filing for Social Security disability benefits or you have been denied by the Social Security Administration and need help, contact my office for a free case evaluation.


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